We create our own unique and innovative technologies with natural materials.


Extra Grip

Innovative technology based on natural sugar cane, with which resistant, light, comfortable and highly sustainable soles are developed. Offering high grip properties on all surfaces and optimum cushioning.

Comfort-light Merino

This technology makes our natural merino wool fibers up to twice as thin, creating a soft, compact and durable fabric. It provides temperature regulation, flexibility and breathability, making our products timeless for any season.

Waterprotect Merino™

To our unique natural merino wool fabric we have incorporated Waterprotect technology, water-repellent, waterproof and breathable inner membrane, which expels moisture to the outside. It makes the fabric dry up to 40% faster.



Natural bamboo fabric developed in knitted structure, which provides breathability and elasticity. The result is a highly resistant, ultralight, antibacterial, natural and sustainable fabric.

Grape Leather

Material developed with an innovative technology that transforms vegetable remains, mainly from grape skin, vegetable oils and natural fibers to become a sustainable, flexible, adaptable, water repellent and very comfortable leather. Used in several of our models we manage to improve the properties of animal skin while being an ecological alternative.

Coolight-knit Bamboo™

3D weaving technology made with bamboo, resulting in an ultra-light material, very resistant, flexible... and of course sustainable. Ideal for medium and large size bags.

Bounce™ Performance


Innovative cushioning material, which we use to develop soles ideal for walking or exercise. It is an elastic, ultra-light and resistant material, with a rebound effect that guarantees a high return of energy with every step. At the same time, it offers perfect grip on all types of surfaces, including wet ones.

Cloud Memory-Foam™

Technology we use to develop inner insoles that provide unparalleled comfort thanks to their incredible ability to adapt and recover their original shape. It molds to the shape of the foot in each step for a personalized fit.


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